Most shops in Japan are located in urban areas and are easily accessible by customers. It is more efficient than waiting for products to be delivered to their homes. As a result, Japanese customers expect to purchase goods at a lower cost online. Most eCommerce also compete, providing attractive discount rates to their customers. Look for websites that offer products at a lower price while also providing the best customer service. Since then, Qoo10 Japan has developed dramatically, increasing its presence across Japan and other Asian nations.

Mercari’s CoE in India will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mercari, Inc. The Mercari Group is a Japan-based company in charge of Mercari, the country’s largest C2C marketplace app, and Merpay, a smartphone-based payment service. Although it remains to be seen whether Mercari will succeed in the US, it has been an undeniable success in its home country. By focusing on harnessing the power of digital technology and relentlessly pursuing an enhanced seller experience, they have become the go-to ‘online flea market’ with a devoted customer base.

Preferred Networks, a machine learning company specializing in production-line robots and self-driving devices, received 1 billion yen ($9.7 million) investment from Toyota and 900 million yen ($8.7 million) from industrial robot maker Fanuc. Tokyo-based aerospace start-up, Axelspace, which created the first private microsatellite put in space, reeled in $15.8 million in Series A funding. Its new constellation project will help mine big data from around Earth, especially the environment. “Why weren’t Tiger Global, Fidelity, even Sequoia Growth Fund, Andreessen Horowitz … why didn’t they invest?” asked Isayama about the absence of major Californian VC funds in Mercari’s billion-dollar valuation round.

Modern tech enables you to build secure credit, stay away from unnecessary debt, and help with responsible spending. ”Over the next couple of years, Mercari is looking to grow its India operations as their third largest base following Japan and the US,” the company said. As 99 percent of the population speaks only Japanese, translating the website will not be enough. When it comes to purchasing in Japan, a high level of certainty and trust is crucial. That means that eCommerce sites must have a lot of information and technical specifications, all of which must be understandable to a Japanese buyer, both linguistically and culturally.

Being the CEO and founder of Mercari, Shintaro Yamada currently owns one-third of the company. Yamada started his career with Rakuten, a little e-commerce company that he joined as an intern. While he was in Rakuten, he developed an auction website for the company and he started getting rough ideas about the company’s operations and how an e-commerce company functions.

That’s why lookout for eCommerce sites that have tie-up with local courier companies. Sagawa and Kuroneko Yamato, the two major shipping companies, may deliver on the same day. The majority of people expect to receive their orders the very next day.

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