Fix Shift Key not Working on Windows

The Shift key is a so-called control key on the computer keyboard. By pressing the shift key, for example, the special characters on the keys can be activated. On touchscreens and mechanical keyboards, it’s possible to accidentally press keys several times in rapid succession.

Directly above the Shift key, there is a Caps Lock key. If you press this key, the function of the Shift key is activated until you press Caps Lock again. The name “Caps Lock” also comes from old typewriters, where you could mechanically lock the Shift key with a lever. On the top right side of many keyboards, you’ll see a LED which usually has a lock symbol with the letter A.

Some keyboards may not have the word “”Shift”” on them but are still considered a Shift key. For example, there are some laptop keyboards with smaller Shift keys that only have an up arrow. Electronic collection – close-up black computer keyboard with russian letter. Close up, color image of the keys of a vintage, black, manual typewriter on wood trunk.

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