ICE Roller is also the main tool for first aid

It sounds pretty amazing, but are the skin-care results legit? Essentially, this massaging action helps to flush out excess fluid, which is what results in a temporary contouring effect, she adds. The benefits of an ice-roller include de-puffing skin, soothing inflammation and soreness, and giving your face a more even massage than you could get with your fingers. And, because you can easily grab one from the fridge or freezer and massage it over your skin, you can quickly turn your skincare routine into a self-care moment.

And if you’re prone to just throwing your tool in your bag, you can rest assured that the stainless-steel head won’t get damaged, thanks to an included silicone cover. For a good ole classic ice roller, try this one from CurrentBody. The stainless steel stays cold for a long time and is easy to clean after each rolling session. Whether you’re using a skin care tool or a bowl of ice water, the most important thing is to protect your skin @

The ergonomic design allows you to easily hold and roll on the skin to care for your delicate skin without worrying about irritating your skin. ICE Roller is also the main tool for first aid in case of pain and bruises from sports injuries, pain and tension in muscles, arthritis, pain in the legs, back, knee, wrist and bruises. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love.

Comes with a velvety soft headband to compliment your skincare routine. Use in the evening after your skin cleansing routine to help close pores and reduce puffiness. We then used this research to assign a star rating from one to five (five being the best; one being the worst) to certain products on the list. “”Stainless steel tends to stay colder for an extended period,”” offers Murray. “”Stainless steel is non-porous, can be washed with soap and water, and even wiped down with rubbing alcohol without worrying about it rusting,”” she adds. That said, a gel tends to be a little softer and may be more comfortable against the skin.

She’s an authority in all skincare categories but is an expert when it comes to ice rollers, thanks to years of trying them on her puffy face. She regularly tests and analyzes skincare tools for efficacy, while working with the industry’s top dermatologists to assess new formulas and brands. Then your luxurious self deserves this $$$ serum-roller hybrid that comes with a built-in steel tip that feels cool to the touch, especially when you store it in the fridge. Sure, it’s v expensive, but it’s a treat for anyone who wants to level up their skincare routine.

Plus, the stainless steel material keeps the tool cool without even placing in the freezer, though that definitely adds a punch. If you’re looking for even more sculpting tools from the brand, try their stainless steel gua sha. Theresa Holland is a freelance commerce writer with substantial experience covering wellness and beauty. As a cryo-curious skincare aficionado, she’s tried a handful of cooling treatments and devices, including the Skin Gym IceCoolie. You can read more stories by Theresa on MyDomaine, The Spruce, and Verywell Fit. While you can use most rollers all over your body, the Isla was designed to offer benefits from head to toe.It’s beautiful and works the best out of any skin roller I’ve used to date. I have a skincare business and I was so impressed that I ordered several for my clients as Christmas gifts and will continue ordering them for my clients, friends, and family. The ice roller focuses on tightening the skin, shrinking the pores and calming inflamed skin. Whereas, the face roller improves the elasticity of the skin, detoxifies the lymphatic drainage system and helps the skin to absorb skincare products efficiently.

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