Real Estate Licence and Registration courses

Our Real Estate Licence and Registration courses are nationally recognised, which means your results and qualifications are recognised Australia-wide. Moreover, there are only 10 specially designed sets of assessments, which don’t burden the students. This local Queensland-based training also incorporates 19 nationally recognized units of competency that are the office of fair trading compliant.

The best way to find out the best reputation real estate school is their customer reviews. Thanks technology, information is now getting more transparent than it was in the past. By looking at reviews, you will know which training centre does fit you. Reviews are posted by genuine students; it can’t be fake because they are moderated by Facebook and Google. There is no exam, student can complete assessments anywhere.

The whole team were friendly & very accommodating. My Dashboard; To reset your password, submit your username or your email address below. You should keep an account of the median property price, latest infrastructures being introduced into the market, local amenities, property trends and business updates.

Validum Institute will keep you in the loop of the real estate industry. What does it take to be a successful real estate agent? We know that real estate is an ever-changing industry. Our property investment market is closely linked to the current financial and political environment and we should keep up to date with this information as it can often have a direct effect on real estate.

The online course was very thorough and easy to understand. The team at Validum were all very helpful and professional. I have recommend your services on a couple of occasions as I thoroughly enjoyed doing the course. I was really grateful that I had chosen to start my journey in Real Estate. I really liked the flexibility of the study timeframe. I work fulltime in different chosen field and real estate is totally out of my comfort zone but Mr. Chen was amazing and quite supportive with my studies.

The team at Validum were very responsive and helpful to all queries and reviewing or clarifying the submitted assessments. Their online portal is very user friendly and the training material was well put together. I completed the full Real Estate course followed by the Cert IV. The latter was a good stretch and test of understanding and I’m glad I did it. Previously, he was the General Manager for CSG Property Holdings, a project marketing/property development company. I had completed my Registration Certificate with another RTO and I must say my experience with Validum was so much better by comparison. Thank you for giving the Industry exactly what it needs!

The experience of trainers and course assessors are very important to students; an experienced trainer can deliver information that you need. After all, you are choosing your PARTNER to your success. All our nationally recognised courses are accepted by the Office of Fair Trading.

Priority marking and unlimited resubmissions are included in the course, they are absolutely free. Validum Institute is renowned for its 24 x 7 support as well as payment plan options that tick the right boxes for students. The course is clearly written, with exhaustive attention to detail and learning resources.

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